About ce de carmona


As a multidisciplinary agency, we put Art Direction at the forefront of our goals, while working in a bunch of Graphic, Printing and Photography projects.

We work on visual exercises and try, whenever possible, to do it in a playful and handmade way

María Carmona got her architectural degree in 2007, obtaining the highest mark in the thesis Project. Her trajectory demonstrates a dense interest in creative disciplines, and after working in the collective zira02 and collaborating as a freelance with quite a lot of architectural and design offices, she founded her own studio in Madrid, cedecarmona. Cárdenas Lorenzo designed this infography about the tools she uses while working.

Who do i work with


Nicolás Martín is a super talented and perfectionist graphic designer.


UP design works designing amazing interiors, events and spaces.


Viuda de Ramírez is an agency working on events, shootings, installations and stage productions and ephemeral architecture


Quico Rubio is an advertising creative executive.


En Aceite Press are a well-matched couple, journalist and architect, working in branding and comunication projects.


Cárdenas Lorenzo likes trees, hands, nipples and everything that is bright and colorful. He likes to explain with drawings the feeling of being alive.


Danni Goldman is a german audiovisual artist, producer, cinematographer and musician.


María Mallo is a free multidisciplinary spirit who likes to study natural geometries while designing, teaching and fighting.


Diana Hernández is an achitect, designer and self-taught illustrator in Madrid.

Who have we worked for: